How can a solicitor help your family?

siblings embracing

Disputes involving family relationships and children will often require legal assistance to ensure that each party is aware of their rights and that children are put first. Here are some of the key areas of family law.

Lenore Rice from Wilson Nesbitt solicitors discusses some of the key ways that a qualified solicitor can help your family.

Child law

Family law solicitors are able to help with a wide range of legal matters relating to children such as child contact arrangements, child disputes, schooling, medical treatment, a change of name, consent for holidays, and Parental Responsibility applications and issues. Solicitors will generally work to resolve child issues in a non-confrontational way as much as possible but if in case an amicable approach is unsuccessful, solicitors will act robustly on your behalf.

Child custody

When a married couple has a child and decided to separate ways, the most difficult questions to deal with are:

  • Where should your child live?
  • How much time should your child spend with the other parent?
  • Can your child go on holiday with the other parent?

Family solicitors can help in figuring out a solution that works. Typically, solicitors should mediate and negotiate first—but if this doesn’t produce your expected results, then solicitors can proceed in applying for a Child Arrangement Order.

If the order is in place already but you want to revise or update it, the solicitor can apply to make variations or enforce the Court Order.


If you are not married to your partner, you are not automatically entitled to your share of assets. For you to have a legal entitlement to jointly-funded assets, cohabitation agreements are a good idea.

Collaborative approaches

The best way for you to solve existing problems and issues with your partner is to talk things through on a face-to-face basis. Your agenda for meetings and negotiations should be set with the help of your solicitor.

Your law firm should be able to:

  • Represent your legal rights; and
  • Act outrightly if attempts for an agreement fail.

Divorce proceedings

You can navigate the legal complexities and processes of filing divorce by having a family solicitor who will be representing the best of your interests. This way, you will be able to effectively achieve an outcome that provides for your future. Regardless of your reason in filing for a divorce (e.g. defending your rights to your share of assets or custody for your child), your solicitor should be able to guide you.

Domestic violence

Millions of people live in fear of assault and/or intimidation although domestic violence is a rare occurrence in the UK. Enlisting the services of an experienced family solicitor will give you an assurance that a sympathetic ear will be listening and that necessary legal actions will be taken to protect you and the rest of your family.

Family mediation

If you are not ready to get divorced, a trusted and experienced family solicitor can arrange family mediation proceedings which will provide a formal setting for the airing of differences and help you try to find a compromise. Family solicitors can generally deal with pre-nuptial agreements, grandparents’ rights, and any other issues that hold the potential to end up in court.